Flowers of Rock

Jon_Erebuse (1)


“Koholt’s grin froze and died away. Rare resources and secret alliances: it was a drill he knew well. He knew that some high political game was being played out here, and that he was slowly sliding into the middle of the playing field. He hated it. It was just another kind of magic; vague and hushed, slithering away in the corners until it would suddenly jump out and bite off your face.”

Following the discoveries of Koholt’s rescue mission deep into the mines of Tvinde, the mercenary finds himself at the centre of opposing interests. And as he sets out to escort an Imperial Grammarian back down to the darkness of the caves, betrayal lurks in every corner…

The 12 000 word novella FLOWERS OF ROCK is the second book of the Koholt Chronicles, which tell the tale of how the battered mercenary Koholt’s discoveries in the mines of Tvinde town puts him on a collision course with the power politics of the world of All – and with his own past.

‘The descriptions were so vivid that I felt like I was in a movie with cave tunnels. Loved this second book and ecstatic that Koholt lives to keep fighting!’ -Amazon review.

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