The World of All

The World of All is the setting of my new, ongoing series of dark fantasy stories. The first cycle of stories, the Koholt Chronicles, focuses on the mercenary Koholt, who tries to live out his days in relative peace as a guard for a security company in the mining town of Tvinde. As those of you who have read the first installment of the series, The Beast in the Rocks, will know, events in the mines are making his so-called “retirement plan” a lot more challenging than he wished for.

I will not reveal any upcoming plot points, but I will say this: An essential theme of the series is to discuss the relationship between language, magic, power, and many other things. All this is of course partly inspired by my day job as a PhD researcher in medieval languages and literary culture, and fragments of that work do show up in unexpected places in the world of All.

But for now, we follow Koholt. Once I met him, I quickly found that he can be more interesting company than many of the fancy ideas I first brought with me to the empty page.

This blog is my online home, but you can reach out to me many other places, such as Goodreads and Twitter. I am glad to hear from you, whatever you wish to say, and no matter how you say it.

This blog post first appeared on Goodreads, and then in a quite different form. Take a look if you want to see how different my take was back in 2015.

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