Book 4 of the Koholt Chronicles


True to form, this one also took a bit longer than I expected. At least it wasn’t two years this time. There are only two more titles left in this story, so you will see some of its strands starting to come together here. In the previous book, The Colours of the Past, we did not go down to the mines of Tvinde town, and in this new title, Eagle and Hare, we are even leaving Tvinde itself.

Here we follow Koholt on his quest to make contact with Vriddhir’s teacher, who is said to live in a little village to the east of Daler. Of course, as readers of The Colours of the Past will know, he is being hunted every step of the way. And who knows what really may really lie in wait for him at the end of his journey?

The next (and penultimate!) book should be out in a month or two – I hope.

Eagle and Hare is now available from Amazon. Discuss it on Goodreads.




Koholt Chronicles Book 3 is now available


Last week I finally published the third volume of the Koholt Chronicles, The Colours of the Past. Like the two preceding volumes, it is a short story/novella/thing of about 11 000 words. Unlike those predecessors, it is the first installment in the series where we are not going down to the mines. We are still going places though, and we will see the first appearances of elements that previously only have been hinted at.

Also, it’s called The Colours of the Past for a reason! When I first began writing the Koholt Chronicles I envisaged how the various titles in my series would be colour-coded according to where they would take place; blue books for one place, green for another. Eventually I realised that this was yet another example of a fancy idea that does not, in the end, really add that much, so I dropped it and got the new covers you see today. But the concept of thinking of places in terms of colours stuck, and I found it evocative to play around with as I worked on this title.

The next installment is out in early June. Till then, I hope you all will enjoy seeing Koholt again!

The Colours of the Past is now available from Amazon. Discuss it at Goodreads.